AJM Songwriter Clients Take Over Prime-Time TV!

Joe and I decided in February that we would give up TV for lent, which for us is quite a sacrifice as working our way through a US box-set is our favourite thing to do to unwind. Thank goodness lent is over now, and we’ve got some treats to binge on, as a few of our songwriter clients have been making TV appearances of late!

Nazneen Rahman on Horizon

Firstly, tonight there is a whole entire programme dedicated to the work of the team at the Royal Marsden Hospital and Institute of Cancer Research which includes our client, singer-songwriter Nazneen Rahman! Horizon on BBC2 will follow Naz and her team’s incredible work in cancer research and treatment. It’s a real privilege to work with Naz, who is not only an incredibly talented songwriter, but also one of the leading geneticists in her field discovering genes which pre-dispose to cancer, which then translates into clinical practise by developing genetically-targeted treatments for cancer patients. Naz and her team have been in the news several times over the past couple of years, having discovered multiple new genes and gene variants which pre-dispose to breast cancer and childhood cancers and you can find out more about her work on Horizon tonight, BBC2 at 9pm.

Cancer geneticist and songwriter Nazneen on BBC's Horizon As you can imagine, Nazneen doesn’t have much free time, and we feel very blessed that she decides to spend some of it with us at AJM. We work with Nazneen to record and produce ambient jazz versions of some of her favourite songs, as well as her own writing, and are currently working on an album, which we’ll be releasing and managing under our own label later this year. Nazneen decided to put up a couple of her songs on SoundCloud at the end of last year and went down a hit! She’s got nearly 900 followers, and has even had a couple of her songs picked up by established music blogger and songwriter Dave Greening. Here’s the latest track we’ve produced with Nazneen, an original song called “Lost Cause” which has already had nearly 500 plays and 130 comments in 6 days! It’s our personal favourite too – really heartfelt, expressive vocals, very moving songwriting, and Joe particularly enjoys producing ambient music and playing Fender Rhodes!

We really love working with Nazneen and can’t wait to share the completed album with the world. Make sure you check out her incredible work on Horizon tonight and give her a follow on SoundCloud.

Ross William Wild on The Voice

We also had a great clip to watch of AJM client, musical theatre performer and songwriter Ross William Wild appearing on BBC music talent show The Voice and ITV’s search for . Ross came to the studio about a month ago to record a track and music video of him singing Queen’s The Show Must Go On. The video’s had plenty of hits online, and we’ve had some great feedback on Ross’ incredible vocals through our Facebook page, but unfortunately none of the judges turned round for him! If you watch the clip, though, you’ll see Tom Jones and Will.I.Am immediately regretting their decisions and wishing they’d buzzed in time!

Not to worry, Ross William Wild is due to hit our screens again soon on ITV’s Superstar, which is documenting Andrew Lloyd Webber’s search for the title role of his hit rock-opera Jesus Christ Superstar opening in the West End later this year. We’re sure Ross will do brilliantly, as he’s already understudied the lead role of Galileo in the UK tour of We Will Rock You, so rock tenor musical theatre really is his thing. Check out our music video we recorded and produced with Ross last month, and see for yourselves:

Gabriella Burnel on Britain’s Got Talent

Next up, we found a brilliant clip of long-standing songwriter client Gabriella Burnel making an appearance on Britain’s Got Talent last year! Gabriella definitely showed off her excellent topical comedy songwriting skills and beautiful voice, and secured a place for life in the judges memories, with her song penned especially for the occasion “Please Don’t Buzz Me Off”, writing a verse about each of the judges. She proved herself to be not only talented but completely original, which is so hard to do on these shows – Gabriella, we salute you!

Singer-Songwriter Gabriella Burnel on Britain's Got Talent

And she got through to the next round! Gabriella has made quite a name for herself on the fringe comedy circuit with her hilarious songs on many a topical subject, and we’ve had the privilege to record and produce her songs for popular kids audiobook website and for several theatre shows and pantomimes. Gabriella is a very talented lady and lovely, lovely person and we look forward to following her success!

That’s all for now, but we hope to be seeing more of our clients on the telly box, as so many of them deserve. In the meantime, we’ll be rooting for friend of our very good friend Franki, Jay Norton on The Voice this year. His version of Aloe Blacc’s “I Need A Dollar” got him not one, but two buzzes from Tom Jones and Will.I.Am and landed him a well deserved spot on Will.I.Am’s team. We’ve been following Jay’s ‘Spare Room Sessions’ – brilliant mash-ups, covers and originals – on YouTube for some years now and we think this guy will go far. You can download his free mixtape here. Go Jay! Over and out.