"A joyful 20 minute romp of sunshine indie... driven by off-beat drums and polyphonic melodies. Calypso vibes are mixed with indie-funk breakdowns harking back to The Stone Roses. Singer, Fiona, has a strong, organic voice, which has not been overproduced in the recording process... The EP has been recorded as true to real life as possible. What is striking is how clean the recordings are, especially when the nature of the music is complex and layered." - BringTheNoise

Grooves like a bastard.- Tom Robinson, BBC6 Music

Their music is guaranteed to bring the sunshine, whatever the weather.- John Kennedy, XFM

The Best Of Times

Cable Street Collective

Client: Cable Street Collective
Date: December 5, 2014
Services: Producing, Recording, Mixing, Mastering, CD Printing
Client Testimonial:: "We’re so pleased with the EP we made with Nikki and Joe. As well as the professional sound, they brought a ton of ideas and enthusiasm too. Such a warm a welcome really puts you at ease, and takes the stress out of recording. We felt in safe hands."