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Our work spans composition, arrangement, orchestration, music production, sound design and music direction/supervision. Please enjoy demos and extracts from past projects in our playlist to the left, and browse below for more info on individual projects.

``The score hooks you straight from the start – you are transported to the Middle East where classical influences and musical theatre meet head on, in spectacular fashion... add the Qatar Philharmonic and you have a bit of a hit on your hands.``

MusicalTheatreReview 5* Review of 'Rumi: The Musical'

``My experience working with Joe and Nikki is that they are not just consummate musicians, they verge on being magicians as well``

Stephen Schwartz

``The real star is the orchestrator... the musical arrangements are haunting and beautiful. The highlights, for me, occur when the melodic modes and influences of the East shine through``

SpyInTheStalls Review of Broken Wings

``This searing musical is a shock of scathing satire, with an intensity akin to having an ethernet plugged straight into your frontal lobe. Sharp, relevant... leaves its viewers feeling decidedly uneasy with a wry smile and a catchy tune.``

The Upcoming 5* Review of 'Public Domain'

``The sumptuous strings constantly reinforce the elysian atmosphere effused by the Beirut of Gibran’s memories, whilst his 40 year old self is scored with more ominous tones. The orchestrations are utterly faultless throughout, subtle yet striking at every moment.``

Talk Stagey To Me Review of Broken Wings

``Poppy, bright, and bombastic... showcasing some thumpingly upbeat melodies, synthy hooks, and sharp electronic trills.``

The Stage Review of 'Public Domain'