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Felix Hagan & The Family

Date: November 24, 2017
Services: Producer, Keys Player, Mixing, Mastering
: "One of the great pop albums of 2017" - Listen With Monger

"10/10 FH&TF have truly outdone themselves with this powerful, enticing and quite frankly fabulous album...[they] have shown their range as artists with such gravitas that I cannot compare them to anyone else breaking into the scene at present.-Original Rock

"Brilliantly spangly... sure to be stuck in your head all day."– Soundsphere Magazine

"A culture-clashing of whimsical pop, punk, indie, disco and funk rock. Whilst that may sound like a roller coaster ride of styles, the group have managed to flawlessly pull it off, providing listeners with an unstoppable and infectious groove that is fun and utterly spirited." - Colorising

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