God Only Knows

Dot Dot Dot Productions

Auburn Jam Music was pleased to be asked to compose & produce the music for new comedy podcast series “God Only Knows”, created & hosted by Matt White.

Website: acast.com
Date: September 8, 2019
Services: Composition, Arrangement, Music Production, Instrumental & Vocal Performances, Recording, Mixing

God Only Knows is a brand new podcast which invites its guests to step beyond this life and ask three questions to God (however they understand them to be). Set at the edge of eternity, our guests step out of our elevator to find out how they've died and then get the chance to submit their three questions. Everything from would I have been happier if...? to why do men have nipples? these questions open the door to chat that is enlightening, personal and funny.

Hosted by Matt White and produced by the award-winning Dot Dot Dot, it’s a space for conversation about life, philosophy, faith, spirituality, religion or anything else that comes up along the way. Definitely worth hitting that subscribe button!

Our brief was "contemporary, quirky heavenly muszac/Bossa Nova", and we're pleased with the end result!

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