Paw Patrol: Puptastic Rhymes

Nickelodeon UK // Viacom CBS

Date: September 20, 2021
Services: Arrangements & Orchestration, Music Production, Vocal Direction & Recording, Instrumental Playing & Programming, Recording, Mixing

Following the ten original “Pup Songs” which we were commissioned to write & produce for Paw Patrol, we were chuffed that Nickelodeon came back to ask us to write and produce ten new, fun arrangements of nursery rhymes, with lyrics adapted to fit the pup theme by director Akindele Akinsiku.

We had a lot of fun coming up with new, upbeat and contemporary versions of these well-known rhymes, including writing melodies for some where they didn’t previously exist (eg Old Mother Hubbard, Two Little Dickie Birds).

We then had two delightful days in the studio recording five brilliant kids singing the songs with plenty of energy and pizazz!

The rhymes have now been adapted into lovely music videos with some brilliant little performers and adorable animations, now available to stream on the Nick Jr channel via Now TV or Sky Kids in the UK.

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