"My company Storynory has been using Auburn Jam to produce our music since 2010. WE LOVE THEM ! We have recorded everything from opera to pop songs with them. Their Studio is not only well equipped, but it is very cosy and comfortable. Joe the producer is a genius. He can do much more than fade the faders. He can be your song doctor too - helping you develop your musical talents and to bring out the best in your work. Nikki has loads of musical talents and can help with backing vocals or by playing a variety of instruments. Both are lovely people and a great pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!"- Hugh Fraser, Storynory


 Storynory is a website & podcast which has been producing free audio stories for children since 2005, and we have been producing songs to accompany their stories for nearly 7 years now. We always thoroughly enjoy our collaborations with their songwriter Gabriella Burnel. It’s always a dream to have a client whose brief is just ‘be as creative as you like!’ and we’re pleased to share some examples of these creations in the player on below.

Website: storynory.com
Services: Producer, Arranger, Recording, Mixing, Playing/Programming, Backing Vocals

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