"In terms of production the entire album is tighter than a badger’s arsehole and begs the question of “just where the hell was this recorded?” Being released on such a small record label usually doesn’t warrant a huge budget but somehow FH&TF have bypassed this hindrance by either utilising an insane amount of knowledge about music production, having a very wealthy relative die, or mugging a fuckload of old ladies. The end result of String Up The Entertainer is as crystal as any mainstream effort." - Louder Than War

"The production of the six songs leave you wanting more, clean and clear; it was made to be heard on the airwaves." - Soundsphere Magazine

String Up The Entertainer

Felix Hagan & The Family

Client: Debt Records
Date: September 27, 2013
Services: Producer, Keys Player, Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Artwork Design, CD Printing
Client Testimonial:: "Joe has a seemingly clairvoyant ability to sense what the song needs, coupled with a technical ability that makes me feel like I’m shovelling peat in the fields that surround the castle of his excellence. He has taken the rawness of the songs, mixed it with magic pop dust, doused it in petrol, set it aflame and kicked it into space. Legend." - Felix Hagan

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