"Produced by Auburn Jam Music, Naaman’s album is in highly professional hands of the best quality." London Theatre

"The songs are composed with sincere artistry….To say it is anything less than gorgeous would be a severe disservice to his instrument. Pitch for pitch, he is technically flawless. . Nadim Naaman has the skill of Josh Groban." - BroadwayWorld

"This recording full of heart and soul… I always recommend supporting original material and new writing, but when it’s of this quality, I’d go so far as to demand it."- Bargain Theatre

"This album is a spectacular showcase for Nadim as a truly gifted vocalist and songwriter." ‘Thoughts Of A Blue Eyed Girl’ Theatre Blog

We All Want The Same

Nadim Naaman

Client: Nadim Naaman. With guest vocalists Will Barratt & Siubhan Harrison
Date: August 23, 2014
Services: Producer, Arranging, Playing/Programming, Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Artwork Design, CD Printing, Record Label

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