Whether you’re looking to create a demo or a fully produced album ready for release, whether you need a song written to make your brand sing, or a fully composed and orchestrated score, we can be your musical spirit-guides from concept to release: from writing and arranging, through orchestrating, playing, recording, creative production, sound design, mixing, mastering and more.

Putting together any music production is about a whole load of moving parts meeting in just the right way. Our experience in producing a wide variety of albums and media compositions and theatre music mean we can assist in bringing everything together for your project. We’ve dealt with the orchestration and mad scheduling of recording sessions with groups of up to 60 musicians, vocalists and creatives, so we’re confident we can make your project work, no matter how complicated.

Record Production

Musical Direction
Session planning
Studio Recording
Live Recordings

Commercial & Theme Music

Studio Recording
Creative Production
Demo Production

Theatre, TV & Film Scoring

Vocal Arrangement
Music Direction
Theatre Supervision
Sound Design
Session Co-ordination
Recording & Engineering
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Our Team

Our core team is comprised of husband and wife, Joe & Nikki Davison and their cockerpoo Jónsi.

Joe has a wealth of experience in sound-wizardry: Producer, Conductor, Arranger, Orchestrator, Composer, Recording & Mix Engineer, Programmer, Sound Designer, and player of Pianos, Keys, Bass, Percussion & Brass.

Nikki also wears many hats: Composer, Orchestrator, Lyricist, Music Supervisor, Music Producer, Sound Designer and Assistant Engineer, as well as session work on Vocals, Guitars & Woodwind, and running our boutique MT/Singer-Songwriter label Auburn Jam Records.

We regularly work with a cultivated selection of incredible musicians and creatives to ensure we bring the best of the best to projects that come through our doors.

Joe Davison


Nikki Davison


Jónsi Dog

Assistant Pupducer

The biggest ears for checking mixes, the biggest heart for moral support. Thinks you're doing great. May steal your food.


The Auburn Jam Music studio is in South West London and comprises a good size live room and well equipped control room – both with natural light and acoustically designed by consultants from the amazing Charcoal Blue – plus a large green room/office, a kitchenette and a photography studio. With preamps from UA, SSL, Focusrite and RME, and a microphone collection including names like Neumann and DPA our recording quality is top notch.

Auburn Jam Music

580A Kingston Road, Raynes Park,
London SW20 8DR



The Auburn Jam Music studio is based in West Wimbledon and is accessible by all sorts of means. We recommend coming by train or bus, as we’re just a short walk from Raynes Park Station. You’ll find us above the Kitchen Revolutions shop on the corner of Vernon Avenue. Our door is round the back of the shop, a white door in the alleyway with our logo on it.

Walking from Raynes Park station

To walk from Raynes Park Station (5-10 minutes) get yourself onto the Grand Drive/Approach Road side of the tunnel (not the Starbucks side). Cross over at the traffic lights to the newsagents and fish & chip shop, then continue up Approach Road which will turn into Kingston Road, passing the library. You’ll pass a few more side roads on your right until you reach Cakeology and Kitchen Revolutions on the corner of Vernon Avenue. We’re above Kitchen Revolutions, the entrance is round the back, a white door in the alleyway with our logo on it.

By Train/Tube

We’re just up the road from Raynes Park Station which has very regular trains to London Waterloo, Wimbledon, Clapham Junction, Vauxhall, Kingston, Guildford, Dorking, Chessington and Epsom. You can also get the Northern Line to South Wimbledon and get the 152 bus from there to Raynes Park Library which is very close to the studio.

By Bus

Nearby bus links are the 57 and 131 both of which connect to Kingston, Wimbledon and Tooting; The 163 (Morden and Wimbledon); the 152 ( South Wimbledon tube station, Morden, Mitcham and New Malden,) and the K5 (Ham and Mitcham). You’ll have a short walk from Raynes Park Station for most of these (follow walking directions below).

By Car

AJM is just of the A3. Turn off at the junction just past the big B&Q, signposted Raynes Park and Wimbledon (A298, Bushey Road). Follow this road round and continue until you reach the traffic lights at the cross-roads with Grand Drive. Turn left onto Grand Drive and follow the road round past Raynes Park station (on your left), keeping in the right lane so you don’t go under the railway bridge. Continue as this becomes Kingston Road, and we’re just a short way down on the right, on the corner of Kingston Road and Vernon Avenue, above Kitchen Revolutions.


 Parking can be tricky so we suggest coming by public transport as much as possible. Parking on Vernon Avenue and nearby roads is permit holders only on weekdays until 6.30pm, but free after that and on weekends. There are paid parking bays on Kingston Road, with a maximum stay of 2 hours. If you need parking for a longer session, there are some private spaces available to book nearby via apps like JustPark.

My experience working with Joe and Nikki is that they are not just consummate musicians, they verge on being magicians as well. During the pandemic, they managed to produce the Rags London Cast album beautifully, and transform tracks and vocals that were problematic, due to the difficult circumstances, into a superbly played, sung, mixed and mastered album. I am astonished at what they were able to achieve!``

Stephen Schwartz

The score hooks you straight from the start – you are transported to the Middle East where classical influences and musical theatre meet head on, in spectacular fashion... an exceptional cast headed by Ramin Karimloo...add the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra, and you have a bit of a hit on your hands!

MusicalTheatreReview 5* Review of 'Rumi: The Musical'

``The real star is orchestrator and conductor, Joe Davison... a masterful musical director, his baton is on the pulse throughout. The musical arrangements are haunting and quite beautiful. The highlights, for me, occur when the melodic modes and influences of the East shine through`` Review of 'Broken Wings'

``In terms of production the entire album is tighter than a badger’s a**hole and begs the question of “just where the hell was this recorded?” Being released on such a small record label usually doesn’t warrant a huge budget but somehow FH&TF have bypassed this hindrance by either utilising an insane amount of knowledge about music production, having a very wealthy relative die, or mugging a f***load of old ladies. The end result of String Up The Entertainer is as crystal as any mainstream effort.``

Louder Than War Review of Felix Hagan & The Family ``String Up The Entertainer``

``This searing musical is a shock of scathing satire, with an intensity akin to having an ethernet plugged straight into your frontal lobe. A sharp, relevant musical that does not shy away from the difficult questions of our engagement with one of the most powerful forces on the planet today, Public Domain leaves its viewers feeling decidedly uneasy with a wry smile and a catchy tune.``

The Upcoming 5* Review of 'Public Domain'

``The production of the six songs leave you wanting more, clean and clear; it was made to be heard on the airwaves.``

Soundsphere Magazine Review of Felix Hagan & The Family ``String Up The Entertainer``

``Particular flair is found in Joe Davison’s orchestrations for the nine-piece band, which expertly tracks the vocal lines with instrumental colour and counterpoint and adds Arab percussive and folk touches with skill and restraint. It is a particular and rare pleasure in the West End to have a musical theatre orchestra dominated by strings.`` Review of 'Broken Wings'

``Joe was quite literally ‘awesome’ to work with on our BMW “Sweet Chariot” film for the Six Nations with the England Rugby team. He made the players feel at ease and delivered a fantastic final edit. I would not hesitate in calling Auburn Jam Music next time.``

Juice Creative Agency

``The team behind the production of Sides show a great deal of ambition. Producer Joe Davison has successfully arranged and produced an album that sounds both contemporary and theatrical, expertly colouring the rock backing with strings. The vocals sound bright, and showcase all the performances in a first-rate recording while the accompaniment never detracts.``

LiveTheatreUK Review of Nadim Naaman 'Sides'

“Joe and Nikki are a mega-team. On the Finish TVC we worked with classic advertising deadlines for months, changes late into the night and early in the morning, needing everything delivered to the agency straight away – they never let their high standards slip whilst also being incredible, lovely people to work with.”

Tristan Wilson - Warner Music Music Supervisor, Finish TV Commercial

``The numbers are poppy, bright, and bombastic... showcasing some thumpingly upbeat melodies, synthy hooks, and sharp electronic trills.``

The Stage Review of 'Public Domain'

``Joe Davison‘s outstanding orchestration is the star of the show. The beautifully flowing, virtuosic music evokes feelings of hot summer nights and all-encompassing romance and brings the emotion to life.`` Review of 'Broken Wings'

``We’re so pleased with the EP we made with Nikki and Joe. As well as the professional sound, they brought a ton of ideas and enthusiasm too. Such a warm welcome really puts you at ease, and takes the stress out of recording.``

Cable Street Collective

``Excellent, beautifully harmonised, original arrangements... this album is expertly produced by Auburn Jam Music``

MusicalTheatreReview Review of Nadim Naaman 'Sides'

``A joyful 20 minute romp of sunshine indie driven by off-beat drums and polyphonic melodies. Singer, Fiona, has a strong, organic voice, which has not been overproduced in the recording process... The EP has been recorded as true to real life as possible. What is striking is how clean the recordings are, especially when the nature of the music is complex and layered.``

BringTheNoise Review of Cable Street Collective ``Best Of Times``

``Interesting stuff... f*ck all in the way``

Tom Robinson Review of The Poor No Good ``Repent Then Repeat``

``The production on this EP by Auburn Jam features highly successful arrangements by Joe Davison... someone who clearly knows what he is doing and has both technical ability and inventiveness.`` Review of James Meunier ``From The Heart``

``The sumptuous strings of the onstage orchestra constantly reinforce the elysian atmosphere effused by the Beirut of Gibran’s memories, whilst his 40 year old self is scored with more ominous tones. Orchestrations by Joe Davison are utterly faultless throughout, subtle yet striking at every moment.``

Talk Stagey To Me Review of 'Broken Wings'

``Auburn Jam are an absolute pleasure to work with – creative, professional, and they always deliver beyond the brief and our expectations. Their compositions are an integral and creative part of our production and are gratefully received by us, our clients, and the target audiences alike. They are passionate, hardworking, and talented in equal measure – a great company.``

Blackbox Productions

``The biggest treat lies in the beautiful arrangement of the title song from The Phantom Of The Opera, the show in which Naaman currently plays Raoul. Accompanied by Celinde Schoenmaker (his current Christine) the number is given a flamenco interpretation – replacing Lloyd Webber's gothic organ riffs with guitar and, sensationally, trumpet... As a re-worked interpretation of an iconic song, I’d venture to suggest it is unsurpassed. More of this please.``

Jonathan Baz, MyTheatreMates Review of Nadim Naaman 'Sides'

``Joe has a seemingly clairvoyant ability to sense what the song needs, coupled with a technical ability that makes me feel like I’m shovelling peat in the fields that surround the castle of his excellence. He has taken the rawness of the songs, mixed it with magic pop dust, doused it in petrol, set it aflame and kicked it into space. Legend.``

Felix Hagan

``a score packed with detailed texture by Joe Davison’s orchestrations. Middle Eastern influences are certainly present but often subtly layered in – the string riffs that adorns tracks like ‘Farris Effandi Karamy’ or the plaintive ‘So Many Questions’, and the rhythm that underpins the glorious ‘Spirit of the Earth’. And as much attention has been paid to fashioning clean and solid tunes that have the warmth of the familiar even on first listen. So a triumph then, a swooningly romantic piece of musical theatre``

MyTheatreMates Review of ``Broken Wings``

``Auburn Jam are that rare thing: music producers that posess both artistic and technical expertise. Not only are Joe and Nikki superb at bringing recording projects to fruition. they are gifted musicians in their own right. Which means the work – your music – always comes first. They understand the best way to mic a song, when to let the arrangement or vocal come to the fore, and sensitively post-produce tracks to an outstanding standard. Their first rate musicianship is matched by their impressive technical know-how and a generously equipped new recording space that’s as flexible as it is homely.``

Tim Connor Musical Theatre Composer

``Produced by Auburn Jam Music, Naaman’s album is in highly professional hands of the best quality.`` Review of Nadim Naaman ``We All Want The Same``

``Strong and well-produced`` -

Augusto Gomez, MOUCA RECORDS Review of The Poor No Good ``Repent The Repeat``

``My company Storynory has been using Auburn Jam to produce our music since 2010. WE LOVE THEM ! We have recorded everything from opera to pop songs with them. Their Studio is not only well equipped, but it is very cosy and comfortable. Joe the producer is a genius. He can do much more than fade the faders. He can be your song doctor too - helping you develop your musical talents and to bring out the best in your work. Nikki has loads of musical talents and can help with backing vocals or by playing a variety of instruments. Both are lovely people and a great pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!``

Hugh Fraser, Storynory

``The opening notes of the score are evocative with the strings and then pianist transporting us to a tranquil and beautiful place... The 9 musicians comprising the orchestra deserve much acclaim, playing beautifully with exceptional musicianship and artistry conducted and with beautiful orchestrations by Joe Davison.’ Review of ``Broken Wings``

“Working with Auburn Jam on the recording and releasing of our charity single “Dignity” was a complete pleasure and could not have been easier. Joe’s musical intuition and talents as an arranger are spot-on and he created the exact track we had always envisioned. The team at Auburn Jam is professional and full-service. We cannot wait to collaborate with the studio again!``

Anderson & Petty Musical Theatre Composers